Curious Punishments
Bygone Days

Alice Morse Earle
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Table of Contents (this page)

Chapter I: The Bilboes.
Pages: 12345

Chapter II: The Ducking Stool.
Pages: 123456789

Chapter III: The Stocks.
Pages: 1234567

Chapter IV: The Pillory.
Pages: 123456

Chapter V: Punishments of Authors and Books.
Pages: 123456

Chapter VI: The Whipping-Post.
Pages: 12345678

Chapter VII: The Scarlet Letter.
Pages: 12345

Chapter VIII: Branks and Gags.
Pages: 12345

Chapter IX: Public Penance.
Pages: 123456

Chapter X: Military Punishments.
Pages: 123456789

Chapter XI: Branding and Maiming.
Pages: 123456