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History of Flatbush, continued

a flourishing college, under the auspices of the State of New-York, and the literary as well as theological interests of the Reformed Dutch Church, have been prospered in a far higher degree than they have yet been.

The Rev. John II. Livingston, D. D., who then resided during the summer seasons, in the house now owned by Dr. Vanderveer, was appointed the First Principal of the Hall. The office at that time, was chiefly honorary, as he performed no part of the instruction in the Academy, and so it continued to be as late as the year 1814. Mr. James Todd, was chosen the First Classical, and Joseph Turner, the First English teacher. Very shortly after-wards, John Gibson, Edward Shepherd, John Terhune, Albert Oblenis and Michael Schoonmaker, were employed in succession, as assistant teachers. In the year 1792, Mr. Todd resigned, and the Trustees appointed Peter Wilson, afterwards known as Dr. Wilson, then Professor of Languages in Columbia College, the first or chief teacher in the Hall. During the period of the administration of this distinguished linguist, the Academy flourished rapidly. A large number of young men from the city of New-York, not only, but from Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and the West-Indies were sent here to be educated, most of whom, boarded in the respective families of the town. Among these, some have been quite distinguished in the several professions, both in church and state. We may mention the following:

William A. Duer, now President of Columbia College.

John Duel, one of the revisers of the Revised Statutes of this state.

ohn Berrian, late Attorney General of the United States, and now a member of the Senate.

Henry Jackson, Secretary of Legation to France, under the Hon. Mr. Crawford.

George M. Troup, for several terms Governor of Georgia.

John Hunter, now a member of the Senate of New-York.

Rev. Jno. Blair Linn, the eloquent minister of the Reformed Dutch Church, of New-York, and a distinguished American poet.

Rev. Jno. H. Meyers, pastor of the church of Schenectady.

Rev. Jacob Schoonmaker, D.D., pastor of the church of Jamaica.

Rev. Peter Labagh, pastor of the church of Harlingen, New-Jersey.

Rev. Peter Van Pelt, D.D., pastor of the church of Westchester.

Rev. Philip Duryee, D.D., pastor of the church of English Neighborhood, N. J.

Morris Miller, formerly member of Congress and First, Judge of Oneida County.

We might enlarge this list to a considerable extent, but we forbear.

On the 28th of November, 1792, the Rev. Dr. Livingston resigned the office of Principal of the Hall. His letter was received by the board, on the 5th of December in that year, and at a subsequent meeting held on the 8th of the same month, an answer was agreed upon, which reflects the highest credit upon the heads and hearts of the Trustees. In it a most flattering, but entirely just tribute, is paid to the general character of Dr. Livingston, and especially to his zealous efforts in behalf of the Academy.

Teachers of suitable qualifications were from tine to time employed, to assist in the instruction of the pupils in the English and French languages. These we need not enumerate. On the 29th of June 1797, Dr. Wilson hav-

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